About Red Mountain

Stories, Creative & Operations Head: Sumana Savaram

Sumana writes stories, works closely on the design and presentation of every book and runs Operations.

She loves telling a story!

She studied in Timpany School, in Visakhapatnam. She has a degree in Commerce and professional accounting degrees. She started her professional career working in Ernst & Young. She went on to play leadership roles for Grant Thornton, Wipro and UBS India. She is experienced in process design, governance and change.

She is crazy about farms and gardens, enjoys good food, playing cricket and likes to get a good night’s sleep. She is going to have a farm of her own one day or a terrace garden or both. She dreams of playing the drums.

Editor: Keerti Ramachandra

Keerti Ramachandra, is a teacher by training aptitude and inclination, a translator by virtue of being multilingual and an editor by default. The red pencil syndrome comes from years of teaching at various levels and she confesses that she gets greater pleasure from helping authors get their manuscripts ready for publication than writing herself. As a freelance editor she has worked for most of the major publishing houses. Her translations have been published by Katha, Indialog, National Book Trust, Harper Collins, and Ratna books.

Brand Design: Binaa Permaar, RedGreenBee

Binaa resides in sunny Bangalore and is the Queen Bee @ RedGreen Bee design and branding consultancy. She has her very own brand of crystal infused, energised beauty products - Ocean in a drop and Redgreenbee Rocks offers all types of healing crystals.

Her qualifications include BA Hons. in Visual Communications, University of Creative Arts. Surrey, UK. Diploma in Art & Design, Reading College of Art & Design, UK, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy (EKAA), Usui Holy fire Reiki master.

Creative and Technology partner: Digital catalyst

Digital catalyst is a full service digital marketing firm based in Hyderabad. Digital catalyst team designs and maintains the website.

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